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Take control of your financial situation now and set yourself up for the future with a passionate and caring advisor. Leanne believes in helping her clients succeed in life, whatever their goals and aspirations may be. 

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2021 AFP Financial Planner of the Year (FPA)
We are delighted to announce that Leanne was awarded The Financial Planner AFP® of the Year Award from the Financial Planning Association of Australia.
The FPA Awards are designed to recognise members who deliver the highest standards of professional and trusted advice to Australian consumers, as well as those who have gone above and beyond to support their local community through pro bono and volunteer work.
The Financial Planner AFP® of the Year Award recognises advisers who have demonstrated and delivered best practice advice that has led to superior client outcomes.
This is a tremendous achievement and a testament to the quality of advice and services we provide at 2020 Wealth for our clients.
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Leanne created 2020 Wealth Pty Ltd with the perfect vision to provide ethical and holistic advice to exceed professional standards. She specialises in Retirement Planning, Superannuation, Investing and Aged Care as well as having a sound understanding of Centrelink rules. 

Regardless of your age or income a financial adviser can help you to make your financial and lifestyle goals become a reality.

Financial planning is about helping you to make smart decisions about money, so you can manage your financial affairs more effectively, and reach your life goals sooner.

A financial adviser can help you with budgeting, cash flow management, a savings plan, superannuation, tax planning, home loan repayments, debt management and reduction, insurance, investments and also planning for retirement.

Retirement means different things to different people, like the ability to spend more time with loved ones. While for others, it may mean pursuing a neglected hobby or travelling the world.

Regardless of what retirement means to you, one thing is for sure – no one wants to spend their later years worrying about money.

Some careful planning can help to set you up financially for your retirement years ahead. Even if you think you may have left it a little too late, some careful planning today can still make a difference to the quality of life you experience when you eventually decide to retire.

Smart investors don’t rely on good luck, they plan, research, and understand their investment strategies and how they fit with their financial goals.

If you’re planning to invest, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your financial goals, and how your investment strategy will help make these goals become a reality.

The first step is to determine what you want to accomplish with your money and when you want to achieve it. You also need to consider your appetite for risk.

Aged care is a complex area with many factors to consider. The prospect of moving into an aged care facility can be daunting for the individual directly affected as well as their family and friends. It can be a stressful and emotional time for everyone involved, and when the time comes you may find that it can be difficult to work out the best option for you and those you care for.

Should it become clear that residential aged care is required, one of the first challenges is coming to terms with the costs involved.

When it comes to working out how to fund the costs of aged care, it’s essential to seek professional advice. To find out how we can help, please contact us.


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There is a significant gap in superannuation savings between men and women. On average, women in Australia are retiring with only one-third of the payment that men receive. Even women working full-time are still earning 16% less than men. This makes the planning of their future even more important, ensuring that they can be financially independent at any stage of their lives. 

Celebrate those successes and life-changing ‘wins’ whilst having best interests at heart. It is also reassuring to have someone who can offer guidance and support and help create a backup plan when life throws lemons and things do not work out as planned. 



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